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Travel Tryouts Information

Required Commitment

If an individual is selected to play on an LYBA Travel Team, that individual is required to maintain 100% commitment to that team. In the event of missed LYBA practices or games due to the participation in any other activity, it is at the discretion of the Travel Coach and/or Travel Director to conduct a review. If the review does not find a satisfactory commitment from that individual to his/her LYBA Travel Team, dismissal from the team will occur for that individual with no refund of his/her registration fees.

All tryout results will be posted on our website. Results will not be listed by player name as players will be identifiable only by their tryout number. Participants will also be notified by email. Players will be given a 48 hour window to reply with their intention to participate on the team, as well as pay their registration fees for the season. Please be advised that at this time, the player will be advised whether they have been chosen to participate on the A (Orange) Team, or the B (Black) Team (if there are two teams at that player's level). At this point, coaches for the Travel Teams will not have been selected by the board, so players will not know who the coach for their team will be prior to accepting a position on the team. Coaches will be determined after players have been placed on teams and the board will review the candidates that have registered to coach (Head or Assistant).

Travel Tryouts - General Information

Tryout Sessions 

Tryouts will be broken out into two parts :

Drills: Selected drills during tryouts will allow for concentrated display of ability in all areas of basketball. This will give evaluators the opportunity to see all aspects of the player’s ability. Drills will cover both offensive and defensive skill areas. Every drill will give the player the ability to display his/her skills for game situations.

Controlled Scrimmages: During controlled scrimmages participants will be broken up and selected by the organizer of the try-outs. Skills will continue to be assessed by each evaluator during a set amount of time.

Selecting and Evaluating Players

Tryout evaluations will be conducted by three or four evaluators. These evaluators have been selected by the LYBA board. Each evaluator will have an evaluation sheet that will score players abilities in designated areas. Evaluators are not allowed to evaluate a grade in which their child is participating. At the end of the tryout period each evaluator will recommend players based on their assessment of each player over their try out days.

Factors that will be considered regarding team development include: the talent level of the prospective players, available gym space for practicing, and available coaches. If a player decides not to commit to the Travel Team for which they are selected, the next highest rated player will be offered a spot on the team.

The number of days required for a participant to attend

Registrants are only required to attend one of the two days designated for their age group/gender for tryouts. However, it is highly recommended that they attend both days if possible, so they can be evaluated effectively.

Field Status

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