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Loveland Youth Basketball

LYBA Recreation League Info

For Loveland, Ohio youth enrolled in, or living in, the Loveland City School District, we offer an in-house Recreation League for grades 3-8, and an instructional program for 2nd graders.  LYBA also offers a Recreation Program for high school students who currently live in the Loveland City School District.  Our HS Rec teams put their own rosters together and email [email protected] once that roster is final.  Our Recreation Program accounts for approximately 85% of our players and is an integral component of the LYBA. Players in grades 3-8 will be required to attend an evaluation where coaches will evaluate players and take turns making selections during a draft.

General Information

The rec season (for grades 3-8) begins with 2 practices per week during the preseason until the winter break, starting in early November.  Once games begin in early January, there will be one weeknight practice and one game on Saturday or Sunday. The regular season consists of 8-10 games, runs through the end of February, and it concludes with a tournament in late Feb/early March. Practices are 1-hour, and may not always be on the same night of the week.

Travel candidates not selected to play on a travel team

Players who registered for Travel Team tryouts, but will not be playing for a Travel Team, must register separately for our Recreational Program.

7th & 8th GRADERS  (LMS)

7th and 8th graders trying out for their school team should register as soon as LMS teams are announced if you plan to play LYBA Rec basketball. 

Bring a Basketball to Practice

Many ball handling drills require that every player has their own basketball during the drill; therefore, we ask that all players bring a basketball to every practice. A 28.5″ ball is used for grades 3-12; 27.5" ball for 2nd grade. Please notify your coach if you are unable to provide a ball for your child. 

By request from the schools, sports drinks are not allowed in the gyms; water only please.

Need Based Scholarships

Need based scholarships for the rec program registration fee are available for those families who qualify.  A copy of your Direct Certification Notification letter from the District Food Service Director is needed to qualify for an LYBA scholarship. Please contact the LYBA Treasurer at [email protected]  if you feel your child may qualify.

Refund Policy

Any player that withdraws from the Rec Program once registration closes will not receive a refund.  Refunds may be considered and/or prorated after practices begin should LYBA be forced to modify or cancel the season based on factors out of their control.  Withdrawals must be submitted to our league ([email protected]), via email, to initiate the refund conversation and process.

Want to Coach?

If you’re interested in coaching, you MUST complete our online application under the Registration Tab. and register as a volunteer.  We will contact all applicants via email shortly BEFORE player registration closes.

High School

Our high school Rec program will play in Loveland gyms and on Saturday or Sunday evenings.  HS players register and form their own teams. HS will play 6-7 games during the season.

1.  An adult 18 years or older, non-high school student must be named as coach, register to coach online, and be present at all practices and games.

2.  Email your COMPLETE AND FINAL team roster, including your ADULT coach(es) to  our Rec Commissioner BEFORE registration closes. 

NOTE: Team rosters submitted with less than a full roster of 10 may have random players assigned to their team from those players registering independently.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure your roster is complete, accurate, and submitted before registration closes.  Any player on your list that is not registered with LYBA will be replaced and have their roster spot filled by those registering independently. Please, do not send “add ons” and make sure you confirm with each player that they are ON YOUR TEAM, and not on any other roster.  Depending on total registrations, and the number of team rosters, and if your roster is not full (does not have 10 or more), then there is a chance your team could be broken up.  The smallest team roster will be broken up first.

3.  ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE AND BEFORE THE REGISTRATION PERIOD ENDS. No players will be able to join a team after registration closes.

REGISTER INDEPENDENTLY – You do not need to belong to, or form your own team, to play high school Rec basketball.  Simply register online and you will be randomly assigned to a team.

LHS Team Tryouts – High school players trying out for their school team should register as soon as teams are announced if you plan to play LYBA High School Rec basketball. 

NOTE:  High School teams are not guaranteed regular court time for practices and will be based on court availability after the youth teams are scheduled.  Practice times for High School teams tend to be the last available gym times around 9pm.  Games begin in early January.  Genders and grades may be mixed.

Field Status

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